Since I was a teen I have suffered from a condition called lymphedema, Some of you may have or heard of this previously its quite a common condition in elderly people or during pregnancy.

The condition itself is a condition of fluid retention and tissue swelling. The condition can be hereditary, however can be caused by cancer treatments, and by parasitic infections. Though incurable and progressive, a number of treatments can ameliorate symptoms. Tissues with lymphedema are at risk of infection. although it can appear in any part of your body ie: arms, neck, or legs. I have it from above my ankles to my hips, even though i am slim , no matter how much weight I lose I could never lose it from this area, although I am grateful for my bum I wouldn’t mind it being slimmer, But I find my legs the hardest part to deal with. Most people don’t realise how painful it can be it feels like a heavy , tight pain, and because I work in an office it is difficult to control, it is necessary to exercise consistently when you have lymphedema.

What to do to relieve the condition:

  1. Elevate your legs in the evening or in bed as much as possible , to retrain the fluid to move up towards the heart & prevent pooling.
  2. exercise a lot ie: walking running everyday trampolining is the best for this condition.
  3. Drink 2 litres of water per day, I know I even find this this does not include your tea intake!!

Although it is annoying and quite painful I do realise I could have a lot worse conditions & I am grateful for this fact.

If you feel like you have similiar issues please feel free to PM me to ask any questions.



Spring Picks <3 Dresses

Its spring!!! We are wishing there wasn’t Gail force winds outside…however we try to make the best of a bad situation by looking looking up clothes sites & wishing we could wear & afford all of them all 🙂


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Celeb Boutique


The Vestry

Grammys 2015

The Grammy awards, a.k.a. the biggest night in music, brings out the industry’s hottest stars. What an eventful night at the grammys 2015!! From Kanye West trying to upstage beck to Madonna’s come back song rocking it out on stage, although I cant say I was very Impressed, there is an age limit to that kinda thing I am afraid she is past it. But more importantly than all of that …The Fashion!!! So who dominated the red carpet, and who failed to impress?

My top 5

1. Arianna Grande

I think this dress is amazing this 3/4 of this white Versace gown is definitely on point perfect for the occasion she looks like a little goddess in this number.


2.Gwen Stefani

This is so classy rock which is just perfect for Ms,Stefani. This Atelier Versace number is not an average jumpsuit. Plus, Gwen’s hair and makeup are just Gorgeous.


3. Taylor Swift

She looks stunning. The mermaid effect on this Elie Saab gown is just lovely, As for the shoes I wouldn’t be totally in favour of however I think it works well with this Ombre effect dress.

4.Chrissy Teigen

I love this girl she seems to be bang on trend 24/7.She is so the sophisticated lady in this dress 🙂



What a gorgeous dress, She looks fabulous in this ruffled high-low hemline prevents it from looking messy, I am loving her slicked back hair keeps the dress as the focal point but is so in right now.


My worst 5

1.Katy Perry

I amnt getting her purple hair I don’t think this is a good look on her, she may be trying to start trends but its time to go back to your roots Katy, the gown is see through… I feel like she is trying to hard when it should look simple and chic.


2. Rihanna

I hardly recognised this lady in a puffy pink, loofah-esque gown.  It speaks my big fat gypsy wedding, I cant get my head around her style choices lately.


3. Kim Kardashian

This is not a good look on her, I love her new hair style though. Jean Paul Gaultier number looks like a nightgown, note… Just because it is designer it doesn’t always make it right!



Ok Madoona this Givenchy getup does not make you look good and it doesn’t make you Xena! Please get fully dressed & grow up !
5.Nicki Minaj
 This Tom Ford outfit fits her curves very well, I know she received best dressed on the night but I highly disagree when you look at my top best dressed girls there is no comparison it is just not red carpet style!
Oh no they didn’t!!!!
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Review: Instyler Rotating Hair


I have fallen victim to all the adverts out there for the Instyler. It was given great reviews by all the top magazines & even celebrities were into the instyler craze. After alot of hints I finally received the instyler as a Christmas gift. I was so excited I couldn’t wait until Christmas to open up the magic hair styler to transform my hair. But it was not the standard instyler it was the wet to dry styler.


image showing the two sizes available

So off I went I washed my hair and slightly dried it to give the styler a head start. I pinned my hair into sections and started from the back as suggested by the many tutorials I had previously watched on YouTube. Section by section it straightened my hair I found it was still damp at the end so the next day I tried it out again. I washed my hair and blow-dried it and got to work with the Instyler it worked allot better the second time around giving lots of volume and bounce with soft curls at the end.
I watched further youtube clips as I felt I wasn’t getting the curls that I had seen in the adverts. So I found that to get a curl with the instlyer the hot iron needs to be nearest your head and twist the styler around but you have to go pretty slow or else it doesn’t to curl it would just give it volume.
There is another way to curl using the Instyler which seems to work well – wrap your hair around the rotating iron and close the brush against the rolls hair hold for approx 10 second and release slowly.

Cons of the wet to dry Instyler:

  • Sliding it throughout the length of your hair too quickly, or not in a smoothly – your hair can get caught in the brush.
  • Using the correct amount of hair as you find it slow

• It is louder than you would expect but not as load as a hairdryer.

• It takes about 6 or 7 turns before you get the trick of it.
• Curls seem to fall out faster as it has a larger barrel than a curling wand.
• It doesn’t work well on wet hair.

Pros of the wet to dry Instyler:
• Adds plenty of volume to the hair
• It does tame hair whilst straightening & make it feel smooth.
• Adds soft curls beneficial for longer hair / extensions.
• Less damage on your hair than conventional stylers.

I am getting used to using it however I will only use it when I have plenty of time which isn’t this & perhaps not next week either. I really do like the fact that it is less damaging than my straightener or curling tongs and the fact that it can do both is such a bonus, plus I will be travelling allot this year so it will save so much luggage space, So I have to become a pro asap!! Having said all that each time I use the Instyler I seem to get better at using it there definitely is a knack to it, but once you get into it you will learn to love it! Be Patient it does do what it says on the tin!! 🙂 Leave a comment on your thoughts or tips using the instyler.

Ka xox

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SS Fashion Trends 2015

I have to confess that I am really delighted Christmas is over all the hustle and bustle was a great buzz at the time.. However, I think its great to get into the “2015” new year fresh start spirit. The Shortest day of the year is over and we will soon feel a stretch to the evenings. Yes Spring is on the way & with it warmer weather , plants blossoming and of course most importantly what every fashionista craves a fresh new wardrobe and with it softer brighter colours. It will be so refreshing from all the Red, Gold, Black & Glitter. This Spring seems to be all about soft hues and cooler colours, stripping everyday looks back to simpler times by taking inspiration from nature.

Minimalist looks for 2015


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2015, IMAGE Source:


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2015, IMAGE Source:


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2015, IMAGE Source:

We will also notice bold print this will be a huge trend coming in this spring.


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2015, IMAGE Source:

Lets take a flash back to Jennifer Lopez in 2000 at the Grammys wearing her infamous green print Versace Dress. It was certainly her most iconic look to date. The plunging neckline and amazing print is a perfect example of what we will be in store for this season.


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2015, IMAGE Source:

So what colours will you be wearing this spring?!
Be creative Dolls,
Ka xox